Theo teapot warmer

Theo teapot warmer

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Make time for tea with Theo. The simplicity of the Theo range and its clean lines are restful to the eye, making room for reflection and relax­ation in your personal tea ritual. Like the teapot, the matching teapot warmer is in attractive, blackish-brown, classic Scandinavian stoneware with a cast-iron finish. The teapot warmer keeps the teapot warm with a tea-light which can be concealed with a miniature bowl from the Theo range. The Theo teapot warmer and miniature bowls are sold separately.


Design: 2014 Francis Cayouette


Technical data

Pre-pack: 2

Material: Stoneware

Width: 15 cm

Height: 7 cm

Art. no.: x-631



  • Keeps the tea hot for longer and creates a cosy atmosphere
  • Stoneware with attractive cast-iron finish
  • Conceal the tea-light with a miniature bowl from the Theo range
  • Use it to keep the gravy warm at the table