Theo mini-bowl, 3 pcs

Theo mini-bowl, 3 pcs

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Create balance, tranquillity and warmth with the Theo collection by Stelton. Insert tea-lights into the little bowls belonging to the tea range to create a pleasant atmosphere for your tea ritual, alone or with your loved ones. The three new miniature bowls are made from the same material as the other components of the range—textured, blackish-brown stoneware. Perhaps place one miniature bowl inside the teapot warmer to conceal the tea-light when keeping the tea warm. The miniature bowls are ideal for dips and sushi accompaniments such as soy sauce and pickled ginger. 


Design: 2014 Francis Cayouette


Technical data


Pre-pack: 3

Material: Stoneware

Width: 7 cm

Height: 4 cm

Art. no.: x-633



  • Three miniature bowls in textured stoneware
  • Stoneware with attractive cast-iron finish
  • Use one mini bowl in the teapot warmer—to conceal the tea-light
  • Use the mini bowls as tea-light holders
  • An obvious choice for sushi condiments such as soy sauce or pickled ginger