T jug 1.5 l

T jug 1.5 l

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Design (2014): Knud Holscher

The new teapot from Stelton embraces time-honoured tea-drinking traditions as well as modern design inspired by the Bauhaus period. Practicality is the top priority, with the built-in holder for a tea-light to ensure the tea says hot for a long time. The teapot has a large tealeaf strainer to allow the leaves to expand while the tea is infusing. When the tea is ready to serve, the strainer can be easily removed from the pot.

• The glass teapot with tea-light holder to keep the tea hot
• The teapot sits cleverly above the tea-light holder
• Includes tea strainer
• Matching glass teacup with solid handle
• Dishwasher safe

Technical data
Width: 15/21cm

Height: including warmer – 20 cm 
Material: glass, brushed stainless steel and matt plastic