Stockholm Horizon - Vase
Stockholm Horizon - Vase

Stockholm Horizon - Vase

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The STOCKHOLM Horizon design by Bernadotte & Kylberg is inspired by Stockholm’s archipelago.


The artistic pattern is reminiscent of the water’s reflection in the picturesque archipelago. Just like reflections in the calm water, the Horizon design develops into unique, abstract patterns in blue-green shades, distributed across the collection’s three vases and four bowls.


With an innovative production technique, the STOCKHOLM Horizon pattern is presented in cold enamel on organically shaped aluminium bowls and vases. Each product is finished by hand for an individual look. Be seduced by STOCKHOLM’s beauty.


Design: 2015 Bernadotte & Kylberg


Technical data

Material: Aluminum and cold enamel

Design family: nordic


Stockholm vase, Ø 131, small - horizon
Diameter: 13.1 cm

Height: 17.8 cm
Art. no.: 451-20 


Stockholm vase, Ø 166, medium - horizon
Diameter: 16.6 cm

Height: 21.7 cm
Art. no.: 451-21 


Stockholm vase, Ø 203, large - horizon
Diameter: 20.3 cm

Height: 23.4 cm
Art. no.: 451-22


  • Artistic design
  • Aluminium with cold enamel
  • Each product is finished by hand and with its own look
  • Wash with lukewarm water and detergent and dry with a soft cloth (not dishwasher safe)
Stockholm Horizon - Vase