Pure Black carving knife

Pure Black carving knife

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Design: 2015 HolmbäckNordentoft


Sharp design for the dinner table. High functionality and a tight, stylish look. Stelton is launching an elegant carving knife for the serious gourmet food lover who wants to highlight style and taste. The Pure Black range is known for its functionality and beautiful design, and was awarded the Red Dot Design Award – Best of the Best 2011. As with the rest of the range, the transition from handle to knife blade is fluid, because the knife is made from a single piece of stainless chromium steel. The carving knife has a stunning, clean cut, so roast can be served in razor sharp slices. The graphical design and special matt black surface treatment provides a good grip and makes the knife easy to clean. Try also the matching Pure Black carving fork to create an impressive carving set for a dinner party or as a gift idea.


Technical data
Pre-pack: 2
Material: Stainless chromium steel with matt black finish
Length: 36 cm
Height: 4 cm
Art. no.: x-120-8

Design family: norstaal


  • Great carving; the knife’s sharp blade doesn’t tear the meat
  • The matt surface enables a good grip and easy cleaning
  • Wash by hand
  • Matches the beautiful Pure Black carving fork (x-120-7)
  • The Pure Black range has won a Red Dot Design Award – Best of the Best 2011, Formland Design Award 2011 and the Accent on Design Award 2011.
  • Great gift idea