Korona tray

Korona tray

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Korona tray

Functionality and design go hand in hand with this tray. With the stylish new tray from Stelton, you can serve in excellent style while the silicone-coated top holds glasses firmly in place. The silicone and tray base are moulded in a single piece – a nice touch so the base and coating cannot become separated.  Enjoy the tray’s unique and contrasting combinations: hard and soft materials, light and dark colours, and a warm and cold look. The steel frame lights up and creates an attractive halo around the delicacies on your tray, just like the corona of a solar eclipse.


Design (2012): Jehs & Laub


Technical data

Colli: 1

Materials: Polished stainless steel, silicone

Width: 40 cm

Art. no.: 594


  • Stylish tray in stainless steel and silicone
  • Silicone surface ensures that items remain in place on the tray
  • Silicone top and base are one piece – the non-slip surface cannot be separated from the tray
  • Attractive combination of contrasting materials in a stylish design