About Us

Design 1 + 1 is the consistency of the business module, innovation with combine business, keep extend and explore the possibility together with big resources. We come together as one - towards reintroduce Hong Kong Designers themselves to their city and the world at large. Design 1 + 1 will be the right platform to source the best and value design product in town with craftsmanship and creativity.
Other than Online consumers, we are carefully selecting our distinguish offline partner and stratagem in four different categories such as: Hospitality, Retail, Restaurant & Private Club. So, basically, when the customer has seen the product online and would like to experience by themselves, they can make a visit to Design 1 + 1 display store which contributed by our well known partner with easy access location.
Beyond that, we leverage our extensive experience and strong relationship with project customers like Interior & Architect firm, Hotel and Developer. Which mean Design 1 + 1 do project as well. We keep exploring any possibility and cooperation to get Design 1 + 1 into the promotional project, special event and decoration project.
We are constantly looking for new collaborations with Product Designers, Offline Partners, Project Partners and Media Partners to solidify Design 1 + 1. For further information, leave us a message here.